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Good Vibrations Festival 2011 – Syd & Melb

Feb 18

Last weekend I photographed the Good Vibrations festival in Sydney and Melbourne. I must admit, I do like hip hop music, but I’m not the world’s biggest fan. Hence some of the acts on this year’s Good Vibes line-up were new to me.
Good Vibes always hosts a mix of dance, hip hop and indie/rock music acts. However it seems to me that when it comes to touring hip hop artists, Good Vibes nails it every time.
One of the first big hip hop acts I caught was Erykah Badu. She was nothing short of amazing. From the second she walked on stage her quirky, soulful energy commanded the audience. Not only was her music amazing, but so was the very theatrical performance that went with it.

It seemed that there were an extraordinarily high number of hot black women at Good Vibes, particularly at the Melbourne show. I’m guessing that this was mostly thanks to the likes of Erykah Badu and Kelis performing.

Kelis put on a great show. Her bootylicious dance moves were enviable.

Then there was Naas and Damien Marley. Not really my thing, but props to the flag waver who kept that flag waving throughout the whole show!

Last up on the Roots stage was Ludacris. His music was a bit too “pimps and hoes” for me, but he had a massive crowd that were loving every minute of it.

Am looking forward the last show Good Vibes show in Perth this weekend. Aside from the hip hop acts, I’m looking forward to catching performances from Faithless and Phoenix.


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  1. Ann Niddrie
    Apr 19 at 13:29

    Awesome stuff Anna! It must have been amazing. Your work just keeps getting better every time I check in.

    May 07 at 22:40

    Nice topic – respect !

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